1. CSR


Based on its managerial philosophy, the Kyodo Group laid down three basic principles in terms of corporate social responsibility and behaves as a member of global society.

Quality / Safety Policy

This is the most fundamental CSR as a manufacturer. We place the highest priority on ensured quality and safety in all products, and the entire Group carries out this responsibility to the maximum extent.

Environmental Policy

Utilizing accumulated technologies and management resources effectively, we endeavor to conserve the environment of the earth and concentrate our energy on proposing, designing, and developing products that improve the environment.

Global Compliance Policy

As a member of the global society, we respect human rights at home and abroad and comply with related laws and regulations and international rules. As a local company, at the same time, we carry out social contribution activities that would be accepted by local communities.

Sports Support Activities

It is our joy to contribute to local communities where the Group companies operate by supporting sports.