1. History


Kyodo's history is a history of challenge to changing times.

Rinzo Saito, the founder, talks calmly but passionately about the aspiration at the time of the foundation and the grit with which he went through and overcame difficult and changing times. His son, Morihiro, who inherited his spirit, tells the history of the company that has responded to changing times. The spirit is taken over by the today's management, which aims at sharing joy with customers and partners and being trusted by them.

70-year History of Kyodo

70-year History of Kyodo,
a video clip commemorating 70th anniversary of the foundation (15 min. 57 sec.)


SEP. 1939 Kyodo Rubber Sales Office in 1-10 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku opened by Rinzo Saito
Rinzo Saito is the founder
Taken in front of the Kyodo Rubber Industry office.
At the time Kyodo Rubber Industry opened.
MAY. 1948 Company organization changed to a joint stock company with capital of one million yen
JAN. 1960 Company name changed to Kyodo Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.
OCT. 1961 Location of headquarters moved to 4-20-2, Higashi-komagata, Sumida-ku
DEC. 1970 Capital increased to 12 million yen
DEC. 1975 New building completed (6-floor reinforced concrete building)
OCT. 1977 Tohoku Sales Office opened in Kitakami-shi, Iwate
NOV. 1987 Taichung branch opened in Taichung city in Taiwan
MAR. 1988 New factory opened in Kitakami-shi
FEB. 1992 A locally-incorporated company, Taiwan Hiroichi Corporation, established, and Taichung branch amalgamated
MAR. 1992 Kyodo West Tokyo Logistic Center opened in Mizuho-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
MAY. 1993 Morihiro Saito appointed President, Rinzo Saito became Chairman
JUN. 1995 Kyodo America Industries Co., Ltd. established in the suburbs of Atlanta.
AUG. 1998 Logistic Center moved to Uenohara industrial park in Uenohara-cho, Uenohara-shi, Yamanashi and renamed Kyodo West Tokyo
JUN. 2003 SINGHAPRO CO., LTD. established in Thailand.
AUG. 2004 Kyodo West Tokyo completed extension work on building
APR. 2005 The company name was changed to KYODO CO., LTD.
NOV. 2005 Production of our new generation of lawn mowing robots commenced at our Hiroichi factory in Taiwan.
NOV. 2006 Acquired ISO 9001 Acquired 9001:2000
NOV. 2007 Established KYODO South America Industria e Comercio de Maquinas Ltda in Sao Paolo, Brazil
JAN. 2009 Acquired ISO 14001 Acquired 14001:2004
AUG. 2011 We "KYODO CO., LTD." and our subsidiary "FUJI RUBBER & CHEMICAL CO., LTD."
SEP. 2013 Hiroshi Saito was appointed President, Morihiro Saito became Chairman, and Rinzo Saito became an Honorary Chairman.
Morihiro Saito, Chairman
DEC. 2014 MONTEVERDY Co., Ltd established in Bangkok, Thailand