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Kyodo's quality in manufacturing across the world

Two manufacturing systems and globalization

Hiroshi Saito, President
Hiroshi Saito, President

Our line of business is roughly divided into two.
One is manufacturing of production parts. The technology has evolved since our foundation in 1939, keeping pace with the changing times. We have been responding to changing times and making steady efforts in manufacturing. As a result, we supply our products to a variety of industries and fields, and the technologies include unprecedented super-sized injection molding, special machining and coating. The companies of the Kyodo Group globally liaise with others to ensure the steady supply of parts to major manufacturers.

Above all, in the outdoor power equipment field, almost all parts aside from engines are manufactured by the Group companies. An ODM service, including assembly of parts, is also offered in any part of the world of the customer's request. Morihiro Saito, son of the founder, started overseas production to reduce the costs of the products supplied to Japan during his presidency. With its network worldwide, the Group has realized true globalization where products are produced and supplied in a borderless way.

The other is the production of the company's own brand products. The line-ups include semiconductor-related equipment and the original brand Monteverdy for outdoor power equipment (OPE) that was established based on our expertise in manufacturing of parts. In addition, production and sales of robots started based on the alliance with an Italian company that has cutting-edge electronics technologies. Kyodo's quality is expanding from production to sales and across the world.

Building trust

It is Kyodo's intent to build trust in any process: both in manufacturing parts and the company's own brand. Such an attitude of a manufacturer is ultimately reflected in the quality and price of its products. As for parts, we offer the lowest possible price that is unrivalled by competitors under the conditions requested by a customer. As for Kyodo brand products, we will further sophisticate the product to the level that must always be chosen by a customer in terms of function, quality, and price to demonstrate our tireless efforts toward production.

Manufacturing in the next generation

Electronics via the Internet will be indispensable for the manufacturing in the next-generation. In other words, the ideas of the younger generation who are familiar with software and electronic technologies will be necessary. To adapt ourselves to manufacturing in the next generation, we facilitate them to be more aggressive about realization of their ideas and give them a supportive push by saying, "Try it."