1. Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

  • We aim at becoming a company that shares delight with, is trusted by, and is the first choice for customers and partners.
  • We strive to be a company that respects each and every one of our employees and that is capable of holding lively discussions.
  • We strive to be a company that can constantly contribute to the community as a member of society.

Three Visions of Kyodo

1. Establishing Brand Identity

We are committed to becoming a company that has an established product brand in the OPE (outdoor power equipment) field and is recognized as a brand on a global scale.

2. Pursuing High Technologies

We are committed to becoming a company that has expertise, technologies, and solutions of the highest level for injection molding, machining, and mold production.

3. Expanding Globally

We are committed to becoming a global company that continues to increase the production and sales bases in response to requests from the market.

Kyodo Way

"Tireless challenge"

Kyodo's core value is its quick but tireless challenging attitude to constantly respond to changing times and turn customer needs into satisfaction.

"Try it."

Kyodo values the ideas and actions of individuals. Good opinions and suggestions are taken up and put into practice immediately, regardless of the individual's nationality, race, age, sex, and division.

"Trust is built on human bonds."

Kyodo's long history is a history of trust. Trust is built on human bonds. Kyodo values and nourishes the bonds between people inside and outside the company.