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Quality Assurance

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[Quality Policy]

We strive to become a company that contributes to local communities while ensuring the continuous growth of the company by providing the quality and technologies necessary to satisfy our customers at low prices.

[Priority Items]

  1. We promote and support quality assurance throughout our entire organization.
    All staff members, including those from the sales, engineering, purchasing, production, logistics, general affairs, and quality assurance sections, execute their respective duties with the improvement of quality in mind.
  2. We seek to enhance the quality of our operations through the improvement of daily work, including our responses to our customers and communications.
  3. When a problem occurs, we accurately determine its cause and respond to it quickly.
  4. Our business sections plan and implement the activities required to meet their objectives with specific target levels for quality.
  5. Our business sections all engage in improvement with cost consciousness.

[Environmental Policy]

We at Kyodo, effectively utilize the technology we have developed and our business resources to not only protect the global environment but also to actively propose, design and develop products that improve the environment.

[Priority Items]

  1. We will create an environment management system, and carry out regular reviews and continuous improvements.
  2. We will strictly abide by all environmental regulations of the country and municipalities, as well as other rules set down by the company.
  3. We will design and develop products that are environmentally-friendly.
  4. We will improve the efficiency of our business operations and to strive to reduce the burden to the environment.
  5. We will strive to reduce waste and recycle in order to prevent pollution.
  6. We will thoroughly enforce resource-saving and energy-saving measures.
  7. We document our environmental policies, and make them known to all staff members.

Testing Equipment

Adhering to the three quality principles of not producing, distributing, or receiving substandard products, we make the utmost effort to build quality into our manufacturing processes by setting up a line dedicated to each product. In addition, we install various measuring instruments suitable for each manufacturing method and manage an enormous amount of data. We also meet the demanding specification requests made by our customers.

Three Dimensions Measuring Machine
Meshing Gear Testing Machine
Tension and Compression Testing Machine
Vibration Testing Machine
Salt Spray Test Machine
Profile Projector