1. Global Network

Global Network

Kyodo's global network is a bond of trust.

We have bases and partners in many part of the world in terms of production, sales, and alliances. The whole world is a field for Kyodo, where we share a strong bond of trust.

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Pursuing the ideal of globalized production

Kyodo's global production and procurement system enables low-cost and timely supply of parts in liaison with the customer's production base. We find and propose industrial parts from around the world that satisfy customer needs in terms of quality and costs as a strong supporter of manufacturing. On the other hand, Kyodo can go further into the assembly of parts and realizes ideal OEM and ODM using globally produced and procured parts.

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Our worldwide sales network also constitutes a strength.

Kyodo's overseas sales network covers East Asia, Southeast Asia, and other Asian nations in the first place, and the rest of the world including the Middle East, Australia, the Americas, and Europe, satisfying many customers.
We sell a wide variety of products, typically outdoor power equipment, including bush cutters, backpack-type power sprayers and hedge trimmers, as well as the robots we produced.
With this global marketing capability, we will meet the sales needs of customers.

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A global bond of trust and frontier spirit

Kyodo has a bond of trust in alliance with major Japanese manufacturers on a global scale. We have built such relationships with them by supplying parts to each other, being entrusted to produce their products, and even jointly developing products.
Through a technology partnership with overseas companies with cutting-edge technologies, we make the most of our creativity and networks in the frontier of the world of manufacturing.