1. We make it happen

We make it happen


Kyodo may be able to do it.

We, in sales of Kyodo, receive many inquiries about the costs and technologies of parts production from customers. Among such customer needs we receive, what is most encouraging for us is the expectation that Kyodo may be able to make the impossible possible. It is the pride and commitment of Kyodo's sales representatives to live up to the expectation and turn customer needs into satisfaction.

To reduce one assembly process

This resin component is the front end of a tractor of the latest model. Because it is bicolored, it looks as if two parts are bonded together. In truth, this is one component and it is realized by integral molding and coating technologies. By eliminating the process of bonding two parts, costs and labor can be saved accordingly, but it was technically impossible in the past. The client wanted to realize it in one way or another, mapped out a drawing for the design, and thought, "Kyodo may be able to do it." In this way, we received an inquiry from an engineer of a major tractor manufacturer.

In Kyodo, once a project is launched, even junior staff like me must demonstrate leadership and involve Group companies at home and abroad in the project. For this purpose, communication on a global basis is required.

In the first place, feasibility from the viewpoint of technology and costs must be investigated. This time, I had intense communication with Taiwan to clarify the technically unclear points one by one. Sometimes I fed back information to the client and asked them to determine whether the design could be changed. While solving problems in terms of technologies and production, I needed to check the costs thoroughly.

Then, I submitted an estimate that covered the production costs of the molds. The estimate was checked by the management and submitted to the client. This means the company is totally responsible for the business.
By this time, six months was necessary since we received an inquiry from the client.

I was relieved for the first time in the mass production phase

Even after we received the order, processes that need concentration still went on until mass production started, including production of molds and repeated prototyping. Before mass production, I had to work as a coordinator between the production staff and the client. With a feeling of tension, I solved problems one by one. At last, I reached the final stage of the project. Another six months were required from receiving the order to mass production.

When the mass-produced products came on the market, the project was complete. I was relieved of the responsibility as project leader. I had a sense of accomplishment and was filled with deep emotion. If I am looking at the client's products in a brochure or website and look happy in the office, it means that the parts of the project are finally in the mass production process.

Gratitude for senior staff

I accomplished this achievement just because senior staff taught the ABCs of sales skills to me, who had just joined the company and knew nothing. Now I understand that they spent so much time with me and I am very thankful for that. I would like to do the same for junior staff in turn.

Kyodo has a 70-year history. I would like to further enhance the trust built by seniors and turn the customer needs into satisfaction with our absolute competitiveness (in terms of price, quality, and stable supply).

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