1. Production Parts

Production Parts

We supply parts to manufacturers in every field of the manufacturing industry.
Utilizing our global network, we supply a variety of parts with high quality and cost competitiveness and offer services including subassembly.

Super-sized Molding

Kyodo has one of the largest injection moldering machines on the market and a blow-molding machine in our plant. We not only respond to the needs of various customers but also propose a variety of choices in design.

Machined Components

A variety of processing equipment from Kyodo's overseas factories helps us to respond to the sophisticated quality requirements of customers, control each process with our cultivated production technologies, and reduce costs further.

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Painting Technology

With our equipment in our Taiwan factory, We can produce the painted production parts for customers, which keep a long term appearance quality by corrosion resistance even under highly corrosive environment.

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Field & Product

Kyodo can produce a variety of parts for game consoles and even large and small construction machines. Above all, for tractors and outboard motors, almost all parts, aside from engines, can be manufactured and even assembled by us. In this sense, our comprehensive capability is highly rated by customers.