1. Machined Components

Machined Components

List of Machined Components

[Image]: Gear Machining

Gear Machining

This spiral bevel gear cutting machine manufactured by Tsunashima Machine adopts the duplex, spread, and blade methods. Both sides of a tooth space can be cut at the same time. The maximum module for gear cutting is 3.0. We produce Gleason spiral bevel gears in the main.

[Image]: MC Machining

MC Machining

Machining center made by Feeler boasts stable machining speed and degree of reproducibility. Kyodo develops dedicated jigs and cutting tools that suit the requested workpiece shape and that satisfy the multi-piece needs.

[Image]: Friction Welding

Friction Welding

This friction welder manufactured by Nitto Seiki is a machine that enables friction welding between different materials, such as stainless steel and iron. It realizes highly precise concentricity and coaxiality, while maintaining high-level welding technologies.
Also there is no need to prepare the largest diameter of a material for the finished product, so that we can reduce material loss.

[Image]: Vibration Welding

Vibration Welding

The vibration welding machine manufactured by Branson can weld irregularly shaped resin parts and offers high sealing capability. It is highly rated especially for the ability to process airtight containers.

[Image]: Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding

By efficiently generating heat on the surfaces, a Branson ultrasonic welding machine welds resins with high melting points, which has been difficult.
We design the shape of the welding parts and produce welding jigs (horns) by ourselves. Welding of delicate parts became possible, as a result.

[Image]: Hobbing


The latest model of a CNC gear hobbing machine manufactured by Hamai has the process capability five- to seven-times greater than conventional models with its high speed in dry cutting achieved by a carbide hob cutter.
It has been difficult to grind spur and helical gears and sprockets of small modules. Now, they can be ground with a high degree of accuracy.

[Image]: Broaching


This is an AXISCO vertical broaching machine. It machines the inner surfaces of gears and shafts, which requires repetitive accuracy.

[Image]: CNC Lathe Machining

CNC Lathe Machining

A CNC lathe manufactured by Feeler is highly appreciated by the world for its advanced machining accuracy and efficiency.