1. Super-sized Molding: Super-sized Blow Molding

Super-sized Blow Molding

With one of the largest facilities in North America and careful engineering processes, we respond to a variety of requests.

Our U.S. factory has seven blow-molding machines. The one made by Kautex is one of the largest machines equipped with a large accumulator head that is rare even in the U.S. It runs materials (parison) of up to 50 pounds in one cycle. Post-processing after blow molding is conducted by robots.

Head tools are the most important parts for a blow-molding machine. We process them by ourselves to adjust and repair machines quickly. We produce large tanks and floating docks in the main and supply them to the European and American markets.

Kautex KB250 (weight of parison up to 50 lbs) and a robot
Kautex KB250 (weight of parison up to 50 lbs) and a robot

Product Examples

[Image]: Variety of Floating Dock

Variety of Floating Dock

Block-shaped docks made of polyethylene (PE). They are connected to a port with dedicated pins and used for the access to vessels. If you use V-shaped docks, you will be able to place a boat or jet ski on a float.

[Image]: Exhibition Banner Container

Exhibition Banner Container

Golf bag-shaped containers of diameter from 12 to 16 inches. Wheels are attached to the bottom, making them convenient to carry around. Banners and stands that are used in a corporate booth at exhibitions are stored and carried in this compact container. We produce the body by molding.

[Image]: Portable Tank Cleaning Machine

Portable Tank Cleaning Machine

A tank for cleaning industrial oil used in the workplace in a factory. The tank of water is used in a cleaning machine that removes excess oil from parts.

[Image]: Backpack frame for blower

Backpack frame for blower

It is an excellent plastic backpack frame with blow- molded both into a lighter weight and against impact resistance. From small to large model, it is been adopted in many backpack style blower models around the world, contributing the efficiency of greening management work.

[Image]: Parts of a blow-molded container for measurement instrument

Parts of a blow-molded container for measurement instrument

This is the case for accommodating the time measuring machine of swimming competition. Because it is used by the pool, it is a waterproof and a strong case with blow-molded against shock such as dropping.