1. Super-sized Molding: Super-sized Injection Molding

Super-sized Injection Molding

Making the impossible possible !
Super-sized injection molding machine was introduced.

A 4000-ton injection molding machine in our Taiwan factory is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. It can mold a product of 25 kg at maximum. It enables molding of a part that has been considered impossible to produce integrally with resin. The light weight of the resin reduced costs and integral molding expanded the design possibility.

We design molds ourselves. It means that we can respond to various requests from customers and reduce preparation time and molding cycle time, reducing costs by improved production efficiency. Automotive bumpers, tractor fenders, and hoppers that contain fertilizer to be spread are produced in the main.

Super-sized injection molding machine (4,000 ton)
Super-sized injection molding machine (4,000 ton)

Product Example

[Image]: Hopper


This technology shifted the production method of large resin product from hand lay-up (FRP) to injection molding, reducing the number of man-hours and material costs.

[Image]: Tractor fender

Tractor fender

A large part that was separated in the past is now molded integrally.

[Image]: Instrument panel

Instrument panel

A part in a complicated shape can be integrally molded. Durability and cost efficiency are significantly improved.

Flow analysis

Kyodo has Moldflow Adviser, flow analysis software developed by Autodesk. It can project such problems as sink marks, weld and warp that may be a major problem in large injection-molded articles, and analyze the cause. Thanks to this function, Kyodo proposes the shape and materials of a part that is most suitable for use by the customer even in the design phase. We also accelerate product development by examining the gate position and cooling pipe layout when designing the mold.

[Image]: Flow analysis