1. Robots: LawnBott, Automated lawn mowing robot
Green & Clean

This robot mows a lawn and keeps its height constant. It frees customers from hard work.In addition to mowing, battery recharging is also automatic. The timer function makes the robot start working at a predetermined time every day.

LawnBott is high quality.

In addition to mowing, battery recharging is also automatic. The timer function makes the robot start working at a predetermined time every day.

[Image]: Low noise motor

Low noise motor

The product is designed to ensure a low noise level, considering the housing environment in Japan. You'll be able to trim the garden day and night, whenever you like.

[Image]: Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

No Exhaust gas, Battery type.Eco-friendly robots.

[Image]: Sharp blade

Sharp blade

The lawn is shredded and scattered to become fertilizer and give a mulching effect.

LawnBott issafe.

Safety is the top priority in design, considering the possibility of an accident.

[Image]: Alarm Function

Alarm Function

During operation, it can sound an alarm at a predetermined interval. Volume can be controlled. Use the function for safety or as a protection against theft.

[Image]: Front Bumper

Front Bumper

A dedicated bumper is newly designed and set to keep your hand away from the blade.

Security Measures Of LawnBott.

Assuming various possible situations, we take anti-crime measures.

[Image]: Password Setting

Password Setting

The system cannot be activated without the entry of a user-set password.

[Image]: Full-Covered Charging base

Full-Covered Charging base

Automatic shutter in the base protects LawnBott inside from bad weather and theft.

[Image]: Security Camera

Security Camera

With an optional camera, you can monitor the movement or location of LawnBott from your PC at home.

LawnBott is Full-Automatic.

Just set the program and power on. Then, you have nothing to do.

One-Push Start

Just power on and LawnBott mows the lawn in a way that is suitable for its length as programmed (scope, date and time, mowing mode, etc.).

All over Mowing

Thanks to the guide wire, it can go around obstacles even on complex terrain to mow a surface as large as 3,500 m2.

Charging Itself

Before running out of battery power, LawnBott automatically returns to the recharging base and again goes back to work when the battery is fully charged. When raining, the robot waits in the base until the rain stops.

LawnBott thinks.

Once mowing starts, it works accurately using a variety of sensors.

Variety of movements according to the length of the lawn.

Basically, it zigzags. If it finds the grass is high, then it operates in a spiral to mow it thoroughly.


If it detects any impact on the body or abnormality of the blade, it automatically stops and makes a turn to continue to work.

Patrol Some Areas

Four mowing areas can be designated at maximum. It can make the rounds of the four.

LawnBott LINEUP: LB200 - LB400

【製品画像】LawnBott LINEUP: LB200 - LB400
  LB200 LB300 LB400
Overview Standard model with high performance. Series No.1 popular model with top-class performance. The large model covering the largest working area in the series.
Coverage 3,000 m2 3,500 m2 8,000 m2
Dimensions (D x W x H) 559 x 419 x 254 mm 660 x 483 x 279 mm 1200 x 900 x 380 mm
Weight with Battery 9.5 kg 12.7 kg 44 kg
Blade type / Cutting Disc 4side star blade / 305 mm 4side star blade / 356 mm 4side star blade / 290 mm (3 sets of blade for body)
Cutting Height 19 - 63.5 mm 19 - 70 mm 20 – mm
Drive System 2-Wheels Drives(Rear Wheel) 2-Wheels Drives(Rear Wheel) 2-Wheels Drives(Rear Wheel)
Average Working Time /
Charging Time
3 hour / 2.5 - 3 hour 4 - 5 hour / 2.5 - 3 hour 6 hour / 6 hour
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Hill Capability 27° 27° 25°
Auto Recharge
Auto Programming
Rain Sensor
Software Update via Internet Possible Possible Possible