1. Robots: NEMH2O, Automatic pool cleaning robot

NEMH2O (pronounced "Nemo") is the world's first cordless swimming pool cleaner robot. The fully automatic unit cleans the swimming pool, which is troublesome for people. Installation is easy and can be adjusted for any type of pool. It cleans even sidewall surfaces.

NEMH2O is Remotable andEasy Setup.

Programs can be set from a smartphone or tablet PC. Just power on and NEMH2O will do everything.

Easy Installation

Just power on NEMH2O, set program via a smartphone, and install a recharging base in the swimming pool.

Remote Setup

The cleaning cycle and hours can be set from a smartphone or tablet PC via Bluetooth.


Software can be remotely and easily updated.

NEMH2O is Powerful and Waterproof.

With two powerful turbines (screws) and drive belts, NEMH2O can move around underwater dynamically. All movable parts are completely watertight.

Powerful Turbine

Brushless electric motors are adopted for two turbines (screws). They generate powerful stream of water.

Moving parts is waterproof

Motors and water are completely separated, thanks to the belt drive mechanism by magnetic coupling. Detachable parts are watertight using silicone gaskets.

NEMH2O is Available to any pools.

NEMH2O can clean any type of swimming pool: large or small, rugged or winding.

Optimizing Cleaning Operation

Special navigation algorithm is adopted to enable NEMH2O to clean any type of pool. Cleaning movement is optimized by accelerometer and gyroscope.

Cleaning Wall and Floor

The unit detects the surface and moves either horizontally or vertically to clean the bottom and sidewall surfaces of a pool. It can work, even if there is a fountain or steps like a bridge in the pool.

Minimizes Caring.

NEMH2O makes filter cleaning and battery recharging extremely easy.

Minimizes Cleaning Filter

Two turbines (screws) smash fallen leaves and tree branches. The water flow increases the water circulation in a pool and maximizes the filtering function of the pool. Cleaning of the filter of NEMH2O is required less frequently.

Automatic charging in pool

Before running out of battery, NEMH2O automatically returns to the recharging base. It adopts non-contact charging and is safe (an underwater electromagnetic induction charging system patented).


NEMH2O is the world's first cordless swimming pool cleaner robot. Underwater non-contact charging was made possible by electromagnetic induction, and a complete cordless system was realized.

Basic Specifications

Average Working Time 2hour
Average Charging Time 3hour
Battery Lithium Ion Battery×2
Turbine Speed 3,200 rpm
Filtration rate 28,730 L/H
Inductive Charging 26 V
Filtering 200 Micron
Weight with Battery 20 kg