1. Semiconductor Related

Semiconductor Related

Semiconductor Related

Kyodo develops and offers original products for use in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Customers often praise them, saying they long wanted such products. We carefully listen to the honest opinions of customers, for example "I have a problem," and "We want you to make it in this way," and solve the problems by producing and offering our products.

Probe Card Container

We developed an original resin container to contain, transfer, and store an expensive probe card.A card container has been made of duralumin in many cases. We converted the material into resin to significantly reduce weight, improve impact resistance, and cut costs drastically.

Low Price and Lightweight

Kyodo's resin container is lighter than the conventional ones made of duralumin by 40 percent. Now, it is light weight, easy to handle, and low cost.

Impact resistance and measures against electrostatic

Its double structure achieved by blow molding of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) does not transfer impact to inside the container. The measures taken against electrostatic protect the valuable probe card from electric accidents.

Easy and Safe

The latch can be easily opened and closed with a tab. One latch bears the weight of more than 40 kg and the anti-drop mechanism prevents the card from falling even if the container is open. With ball casters, the container can be handled and moved smoothly.

PC Observation

This is maintenance equipment to inspect and correct the needles attached to a probe card. As it can firmly hold and rotate the card, even slight distortion at the tip of a needle can be unfailingly detected. The detected defect can be corrected on the spot.

Card Stocker

This is a storage shelf dedicated to a probe card and designed with Kyodo's unique technologies. It ensures safety in the storage and loading/unloading of probe cards, which are expensive and require sensitive handling. It can be customized according to the conditions of the place to be installed, so that it satisfies any storage requirements.