1. About this site

About this site

The KYODO CO., LTD. Web site ("this site") is managed and operated by KYODO CO., LTD.
Conditions for usage of this site ("terms of use") are set forth below. Please read and agree to these conditions before using this site.
If you use this site, it is considered as you agreed of our conditions.
KYODO CO., LTD. may modify the terms of use from time to time. If the terms of use change, we will post an updated version. Please check for changes before using this site.


Copyrights and trademarks for all text, images, programs, etc. on this site are protected by law. Use of these materials beyond private, personal use, or usages clearly allowed by the site, without prior written permission from KYODO CO., LTD. are prohibited. Such usages may include reproducing, uploading, forwarding, distributing, licensing, selling, or publishing all, part, a modification, or a copy of these materials.
Trademarks and model names on this site of products manufactured, marketed, or supplied by KYODO CO., LTD. are trademarks or registered trademarks of KYODO CO., LTD.
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Governing Law and jurisdiction

This site may be accessed from countries around the world, which have different laws. Users who access this site agree to that usage of this site is governed by the laws of Japan, unless the user and KYODO CO., LTD. have established an agreement to the contrary. The Tokyo District Court shall be the first, exclusive, mutually agreed upon court of jurisdiction.

Comments and suggestions

When users send comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, etc. ("comments") to KYODO CO., LTD., it is assumed that the user agrees with the following points.

  1. KYODO CO., LTD. has no obligation to respond to any comments.
  2. Comments contain no confidential information, and KYODO CO., LTD. has no obligation to keep comments confidential.
  3. 3. Copyrights and rights to any other intellectual property embodied in comments sent to KYODO CO., LTD. shall be assigned exclusively to KYODO CO., LTD. KYODO CO., LTD. has no obligation whatsoever regarding such comments, including compensating the user who sent the comments.

Privacy policy

1. Usage of personal information

Some services on this Web site can only be utilized by users who have supplied personal information.Information gathered from registered users may be used for the following purposes.

  • To develop products or services of higher quality, to provide more satisfaction to customers, or to solicit customer opinions for these purposes.
  • To distribute items requested by customers to those customers.
  • To respond to customer inquiries.

2. Management of personal information

Kyodo carefully manages personal information in an environment with appropriate management and security measures, to prevent leakage, falsification, loss, or usage of personal information for any purposes other than those described above.

3. Gathering of log file information

This Web site records log files of information including IP addresses, access times, and pages viewed. This information is utilized as statistical information to analyze Web page usage trends and to manage the Web site. This information is not linked with personal information or used in any individual way.

4. Nondisclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal information is guarded by Kyodo, and not disclosed to third parties under any circumstances except those listed below.

  • Disclosure to third parties of aggregate data or analysis in a form where it is impossible to distinguish or identify any individual personal information.
  • Situations where it is deemed necessary to share or disclose personal information in order to provide a product or service requested by the customer.
  • Disclosure or usage of personal information with voluntary permission from the user.
  • When required by law or regulation to disclose personal information to police, investigators, or government organizations.

5. Protection of personal information from linked site

This Web site contains links to other Web sites. Personal information is not shared with these sites.
This privacy policy applies only to this site. Kyodo is not responsible for the handling of personal information by any linked site. Please refer to the privacy policies of linked sites.

6. Correction or removal of personal information

Regarding your own offer or your delegated person’s one for the deletion, confirmation or change of your personal information you have registered, if it is could be confirmed in our company, we will respond in an appropriate manner.

7. Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may change without prior notice, due to changes in applicable laws, directions, guidelines, or company policy. Updates to the privacy policy will be posted on this Web site. We recommend you check the privacy policy regularly.For questions about this privacy policy, contact the privacy policy administrator below.

To the person in charge of the privacy policy
KYODO CO., LTD. Home / Privacy Policy representative

Personal Information Protection Efforts

It regards us as our social duty to protect personal information adequately and promotes the following actions.

1. We use the personal information that had offer it from a visitor in the range that is necessary for the next objective achievement.

  • For the observance of a contract of the contract with the visitor.
  • I develop a better article, service, and to offer it.
  • To offer the article which we deal with in a visitor, information about the service.
  • For duties accomplishment, in addition, related to an above purpose.

2. We try for the construction of the regime to protect the personal information of the visitor from unjust access, manipulation, destruction, a leak, loss, and carry out measures of rational technology, and take an appropriate security step.

3. When it is thought that it is necessary for a visitor or public interest when a visitor is based on laws and ordinances when is agreed beforehand, we do not offer the information of the visitor to the third person unless, in addition, is forgiven in the many laws and ordinances such as the Personal Information Protection Laws.

4. We observe the many laws and ordinances such as the Personal Information Protection Laws, and improve structure of the personal information management including this policy continuously. We make the rule that an employee should follow clear including the appropriate handling of the information and try for improvement of the compliance.

5. When is hoped for the confirmation of the personal information that a visitor was offered to, a correction, we cope in a rational range. Please report to our following window.

September, 2013
Hiroshi Saito, President
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General affairs department Tel: +81-3-3623-0807


KYODO CO., LTD. takes care to post accurate information on this Web site. However, KYODO CO., LTD. makes no guarantees concerning the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of this information.
KYODO CO., LTD. has no responsibility for whether information sent from a user arrives at KYODO CO., LTD.’s computer system, or whether the information arriving at KYODO CO., LTD.’s computer system is exactly the same as information sent from the user. KYODO CO., LTD. has no responsibility for damages incurred by the user for lost, delayed, or incorrect information due to natural disasters, malfunctions of communications circuits, other hazards, or equipment off-line for maintenance, or for information tampered or lost due to actions of any third party.
KYODO CO., LTD. has no responsibility for any damages incurred due to usage of this site, changes in information published on this Web site, or for termination of the operation of this site.
KYODO CO., LTD. may modify the information on this Web site without prior notice. This Web site may at times be off-line or inaccessible.